Baltimore, MD
Medical Equipment Repair & Services

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Baltimore, MD Biomedical equipment and surgical instrument service and repair

Canopy Biomedical specializes in servicing the non-acute space.

Ranging from Baltimore, MD small physician offices, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term Baltimore, MD care facilities, and everything in between.

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Baltimore, MD Medical Equipment Repair & Services

Baltimore, MD is the most populous city in teh state of Maryland. Before the colonization from the Europeans, the Baltimore area was home of the  Susquehannock Native Americans. The port of Baltimore was established in 1706  by the British colonists to support the tobacco trades. The port was one of the main hubs for the economy at the time, and Baltimore quickly became a well established city.

The city also hosts the oldest railroad in the United States, that quickly became the major way of transportation between the Baltimore’s port and the producers in the Midwest and Appalachia.

The city of Baltimore was once the second-largest port for immigrants coming to the United States. The economy in Baltimore was focused on transportation, steel processing, shipping and auto manufacturing.

Baltimore, MD Testing, calibration and maintainance for medical equipment and surgical instruments

Whether you require a specific repair for your medical equipment and surgical instruments or require yearly electrical testing and calibration, Canopy Biomedical is your one-stop shop!

Our experienced and well training technicians will provide high-quality maintenance to your medical equipment at an affordable price. Preventative maintenance, service and repairs are what we specialize in. It is very important that your medical facility will stay compliant with Local, State and Federal Regulations for the maintenance of your equipment. Our exceptional customer service will provide your facility with the highest quality service and repair. Call today to learn more!

Baltimore, MD Medical Equipment Repair & Services
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